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(3mm x 10mm x 4mm) & (3mm x 10mm x 4mm)
  •  AbuGarcia ambassadeur 4000C・5000C・6000C class
  • *Old models

  • 4500C
  • 4600C
  • 4600CA
  • 4600FL
  • 5000C
  • 5500C
  • 5500CA
  • 5500GR
  • 5600C
  • 5600CA
  • 5600FL
  • 6000C
  • 6500C
  • 6500CA
  • 6500GR
  • 6600C
  • 6600FL
  • SM3600C
  • PRO MAX 3600 etc.

The SiC Ceramic Metal sheilded ABEC 7 hybrid bearing is the best choice for upgrading the stock fishing reel bearing.

Benefit from the small ceramic balls, you can cast lures as low as 1g without any hassles which is the key for finesse fishing with bastcasters.

Ceramic ball lasts much longer because it will never rust. It makes your reel much smoother on casting and gets you much more casting distance.

Once you’re on it, you'll never look back!