Air spool

Thank you for choosing Airspool. This product is a very lightweight Aluminium alloy spool for baitcast reel. In order to correctly use this product, please read the instructions carefully before using. Please always keep the instructions properly.

Caution: The edge of the spool is thin and sharp, please be careful when touching.

How to tie the line & Half spool.

As shown below, put the knot into the v groove at the center of the spool.( The knot can't be put in completely)

The thinner line you use, the better performance you get.

The raised mark on the inner side of the spool indicates the half line capacity, which is half spool. We suggest to use less half spool when finesse fishing.

Caution: please tie the line to the spool tightly. If not, the line may be slipping when reeling in.

How to install the spool ( right hand reel as shown)

Counterclockwise rotate the screw at the center of the brake adjuster on the side panel, make it completely loose. ( To prevent the screw from dropping out, please don't pull the whole screw out. )

As shown, rotate the side panel downward and take it off.